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Providing a full range of flight services in one company

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Proud of its 20 years of experience in the industry, Azur Aviation is an innovative company providing comprehensive and bespoke solutions to meet all your needs.
From crew leasing to full flight support solutions, we can react in a timely manner to requirements arising anywhere in the world.

In an environment where experience really matters, we are proud to have performed more than 10,000 successful flights in recent years and this has contributed to making Azur Aviation one of the leading companies in the flight services sector.

The combination of experience and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the difference between Azur Aviation and its competitors.

Azur Aviation, aircraft ferry flights company

Ferry Flights

From one location to another, anywhere in the world, enjoy a stress-free solution for repositioning of your aircraft and have us take care of everything.

Azur Aviation, demo flights & acceptance flights company

Demo Flights & Acceptance Flights

Because the correct functioning of an aircraft and its many systems is of key importance during a delivery process, we make sure to test them all.

Azur Aviation, over flights and landing permissions french company

Over Flights & Landing Permissions

Living in a complex world with many boarders and restrictions, we will make them seem to disappear as we arrange all the necessary permits for moving your aircraft.

Flight Operations

No matter where on the planet your aircraft is located, or under which registration it has been maintained, we will be able to assist you. Simply advise us where the aircraft is and where it needs to go to and we will take care of everything for you. Having over 100 different pilots available to serve your needs we will find the most suitably qualified people to take the best care of your aircraft. Any proposal we make will be tailored to your specific needs, whether it be a full flight operations turn-key solution or something as simple as arranging ground handling services, and you can rest assured that you will have the full support of our dedicated team throughout the process.

Let us find the right solutions for you

One of our main objectives here at Azur Aviation is to provide you with a stress-free journey but even with the best made plans the unexpected can happen. In such cases you can be confident that our finest people will be there to analyse the situation and provide alternative solutions.

You will be advised of any such situations and involved in any decision making to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and expectations throughout.

Azur Aviation, crew leasing services french company

Crew Leasing

Let us provide you with highly experienced pilots that are fully qualified to take care of your aircraft. Our team includes only the finest pilots with vast experience, particularly on the aircraft types they are currently licensed to operate.

Azur Aviation, ACMI services french company

Aicraft ACMI

Azur Aviation has over the years acquired the required knowledge and expertise to perform all kinds of flights using crews that have been specially trained for the purpose.